Business Litigation

Most of what we do could be classified generally as Business Law. Our firm has a growing transactional practice in which we offer guidance to clients in a variety of transactional matters, including commercial and secured transactions, the sale and acquisition of business entities, the negotiation and preparation of contracts related to the lease, sale, or purchase of commercial real estate, debt and equity financing, business expansion, dissolution and winding up, succession planning, licensing agreements, franchising deals, employment, intellectual property, and trade secret agreements, as well as the review, negotiation, and preparation of virtually any type of business contract or agreement.

We also have a thriving practice in business litigation. Most of the lawsuits involving businesses in America’s courts are breach of contract suits, and we do our fair share of this type of litigation. We have a successful record of prosecuting and defending breach of contract suits involving a wide variety of industries and types of contracts.

In addition, we also litigate a large number of business tort claims including employment litigation, trademark and copyright infringement claims, trade secret misappropriation, right of publicity cases, personal injury litigation, and numerous others.